Experience the rich history, culture, and contributions of the Métis in British Columbia through the Métis in BC video series, including segments on Métis Music & Dance, Traditional Craftsmanship, Beadwork, Connections to the Land and Knowledge Keepers. The videos feature Métis artists, craftsmen, historians, and Elders who each share their knowledge and experiences of being Métis in BC.

Video Series

The Métis

Métis identity is not an individualized identity, rather it is formed and expressed through Métis community. Métis are not simply a mixed ancestry people; they come from historic communities that emerged before Canada was Canada. There were distinct networks of communication from Western Ontario across the homeland and into BC. Although connected to both the Fur Trade and to First Nation’s communities, Métis are recognized as being distinct and separate from their First Nation and European relatives.

Métis Knowledge Keepers​

Engaging with Elders grounds the community in Métis culture and is essential in transferring Métis knowledge. It is important that this knowledge is transmitted throughout our communities and within schools to preserve our Métis culture for future generations. Elders Stella Johnson, Bruce Dumont, Phil Gladue, and Ken Pruden share their stories and experiences of growing up Métis and how they embrace their culture.​

Métis Connection to the Land​

Métis identity is connected to the land. It is a culture that is grounded in our relationship to the land and the animals with whom we share it. Kim Hodgson demonstrates her commitment to her culture through honouring traditional ways of living and embracing the land. 

Traditional Métis Craftsmanship​

It takes devoted personal time and commitment to learn about and produce the Red River Cart and the York Boat in a traditional way, and to ensure that the quality of the crafts that were designed and used by our ancestors are maintained. Patrick Calihou reflects on the importance of being seen and recognized

Métis Music & Dance

The fiddle and dance have gone together for hundreds of years —like the infinity symbol, they are one together. V’ni Dansi is a Vancouver-based traditional Métis and contemporary dance company dedicated to sharing the dances, stories, and culture of

Métis Beadwork

Métis beadwork has always been a means of embracing our cultural identity. Sharing our culture within the Métis community brings us closer to our ancestors. Lisa Shepherd shares some of her beadwork and how there is a story behind each piece.​